A new menu at Six by Nico

Renowned Scottish-Italian chef, Nico Simeone, introduced his Glasgow dining concept to Manchester this July opening ‘Six by Nico’ at No.60.

Pioneering a revolving culinary hub, every six weeks, Nico and his team reinvent the dining experience – serving a brand new six course tasting-menu – each one themed upon a different place, memory or idea. Drawing inspiration from both at home and abroad, such as the street markets of the Middle East to a journey across Route 66 in America, Nico and his team combine different ingredients, flavours, and dishes, to bring memories and stories creating a brand new dining experience every six weeks.

Using food as a narrative, each menu tells a different story, taking guests on a new and exciting journey each time they visit. Each new chapter will be kept a surprise and new menus are published two weeks prior to the next theme.


Six by Nico
No.60, Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BQ